Gustav Ykema's artworks including paintings, drawings, photographs, sketches, etc.

What I Am

Reflecting on some thoughts and coming to terms with your self being. In youth those ideals and goals you set out for yourself. At that time not realizing how much the external influences in life will

mold your decisions and possibly alter your path in life. A life that has finite time. There is a trade-off to be made between your passions and monetary success. Hereditary and acquired skills is part of that self awareness.

It would be wrong to think that your thoughts are totally unique to you alone. Sharing those thoughts with others will make you realize this. Being human has a certain consistency to it. The control of your emotional state of mind will determine your health, your ability to regenerate through rest/sleep. Building positive thought patterns and physical habits will allow your body and mind to deal/ function in a healthy way.

North Korea

My Fault

As a human being we all have weaknesses and some bother us more than others. I find writing down my thoughts helps me put it in perspective as well as heal that negative emotion within me. It will never correct missed opportunities, any injustices to others. It does help me, understand and accept who I am, become a better person. Just the fact that it bothered me showed me how important the people I have met in my life mean to me. The communicating to those my gratefulness for that special connection, was lacking in me. The poem is meant for those left to attempt that communication. Recorded in my mind I am able to relive those moments I shared with other souls, and become the richer for it.

The Artist

Gustav Ykema

The purpose of posting this site was for me to expose my art journey with anyone interested in how such a journey develops from youth to maturity and novice to experience.

My goal is to enter all my works from early teenage to present.

The artforms will include photographs, drawings, paintings, sketches and poetry.

This site remains a work in progress, and my wish is to ultimately display a semblance of progression