Natures’ Losses

In past years I didn’t realize what was happening to our world. As a child We played outside in nature.

I remember climbing trees, running through fields, drinking water from a spring bubbling through the

ground. I remember the property behind a Sunoco gas station Piled high with empty oil cans, leaching

the left over oil into a nearby creek, we swam in and fished. At the land fill stations we called the dump,

so appropriate for we all dumped everything and anything there. This was happening everywhere all over

the world. We would burying, it was out of sight, we didn’t have to worry about anymore. Ah, not so,

for years later the dumps became parks, residential areas, and yes even schools were built on them.

There was radon emissions and other gasses and the aquafer below became tainted forcing us to

shut down our wells. Our children must pay the price of our ignorance. Those who are motivated by

greed will never concede. There is but one answer and that is we must be on the side of the earth.

It’s all we have and we know what we must do. Support those in government who are willing to take

on the challenge.