Parry Sound with Addie and John

Ontario, Georgian Bay by Killbear Park.

Canadians have the fortunate opportunity to acquire a summer cottage.

This is used to get away from the hustle and bustle of their regular city lives; to get

back to the nature we Canadians are so lucky to have at our door-step.

My wife and I have good friends that have chosen to have a cottage. They have many

a time offered us to come up to visit them. The beauty of the nature, the seclusion and

ambiance is to behold. From the lunes diving for fish, the hummingbirds dashing past to

take advantage of the contents the bird feeder, to the rattle snakes sunning on the gravel

roadway, to the black bears making their visits known to all who live there. At night the sounds of

the many insects come to life, but most of all the dancing northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

Sitting in a lawn chair on the front deck you hear the lapping of the water on the shoreline

of granite and sand. Yes, the visual is amazing, but to close your eyes and listen to the life

around you, brings a peace that never tires.

This nature is no longer available to many parts of the planet. Through greed, necessity, global

warming many unique ecosystems have been lost. Humankind has to make a decision, now!

We all have step forward, and say,” Now we must work together to save our planet. Now we

must address hunger. Now we must stop polluting. Now we have to make all those leaders

accountable for their actions. ” These are the issues we need to address, now.